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Get your Radar Keys from Disabilities Fife

The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.

Disabilities Fife believes that everyone who experiences ill-health, injury or disability should have the same freedom and independence as other citizens.
An important part of that freedom is having theconfidence to go out, knowing that public toilets will be available, accessible and will meet your needs.

How do I get one?
Visit the office with identification (e.g. Blue Badge).  If it’s easier, please post a cheque for £3.50 along with a photocopy of both sides of your Blue Badge and we will send your key directly.

Is it only for wheelchair users? NO
Speak to us for clarification, but you are entitled to use a Radar accessible toilet if you require assistance in toileting, have a visual impairment etc.

A form is needed and emails send to radar@disabilitiesfife.org.uk
Need name and address and reason for Radar key plus £3.50 through PayPal

In addition to public conveniences, toilets for disabled people, provided by a wide range of other public, voluntary and commercial organisations, have been fitted with the NKS lock.  Around 7000 toilets are now fitted with the lock and can be found from Shetland to Jersey.

Please note any queries or problems, concerning a toilet facility should be directed to the provider, rather than RADAR

Disabilities Fife

Opening times:-

Tuesday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Wednesday 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Our address is:-

Disabilities Fife
West Bridge Mill
Bridge Street

Tel 01592 203993

Fax: 01592 203786

Mobile (SMS Text): 07841504318

Email: enquiries@disabilitiesfife.org.uk

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Get Involved!Access Panel Network Logo

If you are interested in joining your local Access Panel, we can put you in touch with them.

Why not check out the new Access Panel Network website, where you can find out what an Access Panel does and where your nearest panel is.  http://accesspanelnetwork.org.uk/

From Scottish Disability Equality Forum e-newsletter Issue 22, April 2015



The Fife Pilgrim Way - Fife Coast and Countryside Trust

The Fife Pilgrim Way is an exciting new heritage project that seeks to engage the support of local people and visitors in developing a new long distance walking route through the heart of Fife.

Beginning at either Culross Abbey or North Queensferry it will follow in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims across Fife to St Andrews Cathedral. With a total distance of 70miles, the route will link together many examples of the regions medieval and pilgrim heritage. It will use Fife’s existing network of rights of way, paths and tracks to offer varied opportunities for long distance, multi-day walking supplemented by shorter walks and circular routes.

To deliver a successful project, the route requires local community support. Fife Coast and Countryside Trust want to foster the active involvement of communities, heritage groups, churches, businesses and estates in shaping the project and understanding how they can contribute to making the Pilgrim Way a sustainable long term success.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust welcome the active input of local people into shaping the project and would appreciate it if you could spare 5 minutes to complete their online survey by clicking here.

Whatever insight or ideas you may have, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust would love to hear how you may be able to help them turn the route into reality.

For further information and to sign up to the new Fife Pilgrim Way newsletter please e-mail ask.us@fifecountryside.co.uk or call 01592 656080.

From the Fife Voluntary Action Bulletin 13 March 2015 and the Fife Voluntary Action website www.fifevoluntaryaction.org.uk



Information on BLUE BADGES

•The Blue Badge is a national parking scheme administered by local authorities on behalf of the Scottish Government.


•The Blue Badge scheme was introduced in 1971 to help disabled people achieve more independence.

The above text and more are part of a MS PowerPoint presentation. The rest of it can be view in it`s origanal PowerPoint format or in MS Word

Blue Badges PowerPoint Document

Blue Badges MS Word Document

Link to download a MS Word Viewer

Link to download a MS Word Viewer

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Link to download a MS PowerPoint Viewer


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Added 27/10/2014

The Pinpoint system

Pinpoint provides motorists with stress-free refuelling at the pump

Simply press the button on the Pinpoint key fob to alert filling station staff that you need assistance. A signal comes back to reassure you that someone is on their way. Stay in the driving seat while a friendly member of staff refuels your car. What could be simpler?

How does the Pinpoint system work?

Once at a Service Station with Pinpoint installed, pull up to the filling pump. Once there, by pushing the button on your Pinpoint key fob a call for assistance is made.

This will activate a red flashing beacon. The red flashing beacon indicates that your key fob is working and that a call has been made to let staff know you are waiting.

When your call is acknowledged the beacon will turn green.

Someone will shortly be on their way to assist you, without the need for you to leave your vehicle.

For more information or to buy a your Pinpoint key fob, click on the below link.


"At the time of my putting this information onto this website I noticed a couple of things that might effect people who would like to try the Pinpoint systems, one is: according to their website there is only one filling station in Fife which use their system which is in Alloa, the next nearest is in Grangemouth and Edinburgh. The second thing is: you have to pay either by cash, signature credit and debit card, or fuel card".


Added 09/03/2014

Changes to Blue European parking badgesblue Badge Logo

Blue badges are changing.

You will have to use a new national application form to apply for a new bluebadge or renew your old one.

Forms are available from www.fifedirect.org.uk/bluebadge or www.transportscotland.gov.uk/road/blue-badge-scheme or by calling 0845155 00 66. You can also apply online at www.transportscotland.gov.uk/road/blue-badge-scheme

Note from Disabilities Fife: You used to get reminding letters when your blue badge was about to need replacing but that is no longer the case. You now have to make sure
yourself when your Blue Badge about to expire and apply for a replacement.

Ninewells Hospital Dundee - Mobility Scooter Hire

Added 08/09/2012

Mobility Scooter Hire at Ninewells Hospital Dundee



Note for website Editor:

I have been in touch with Mobility Scooter Hire at Ninewells Hospital Dundee and have been sent some information on the scheme plus copies of the Ninewells Hospital Mobility Registration Form which I scanned the Registration Form into my computer and made it into a pdf file for easy downloading and opening, though I am sorry to say that the Registration Form is an image and not suitable for screen readers. "Click Here"

Note: I found that the above pdf file link had not been working Sorry about that. It`s working now.


Thistle card user image1


If you need help when travelling...


If you have a disability, you often need a little more time to get on and off public transport and to have a safe and comfortable journey to your destination.
The aim of the SEStran Thistle Assistance Card is to help anyone who has difficulty in using public transport because of their age, disability or illness and who perhaps can't communicate their requirements easily.
The driver will see from the card what kind of help you need from the symbols used.
The symbols provided with the card are shown opposite – there are also blank stickers where you can fill in your own specific needs.

Thistle card user image2

  • Please wait for me to sit down

  • Please talk slowly and clearly

  • Let me know when we arrive at:

For more information please visit www.sestran.gov.uk

Fife Shopmobility’s Solutions to Parking Difficulties in Kirkcaldy

Added 16/02/2012

Fife Shopmobility’s Solutions to Parking Difficulties in Kirkcaldy

Fife Shopmobility is a charity (SC007215) lending mobility equipment free of charge to people with mobility difficulties who wish to access the shops, business, leisure and heritage facilities in and around Kirkcaldy Town Centre.

You do not have to be registered disabled or have a blue badge to use the service or parking facilities.  We have 10 extra wide car parking spaces in the Esplanade car park which are free of charge to customers using our services.  If you use our parking spaces, or one of the surface car parks adjacent to our service, Shopmobility staff can bring equipment to your car.  There is also a taxi/car drop off point and bus bay close to the service and equipment can be delivered to you there as well. 

For some more on this "Click Here"



Trouble with your computer?
Free assistance for disabled people

For some more on this "Click Here"

Should I disclose my pin to a 'trusted employee'

Should I disclose my pin to a 'trusted employee'?

In this age of techno-wizardry, those of us with disabilities find that we are enabled in many ways.
ASDA, for example, promotes its service to disabled people as being superior to that of other stores. It is often seen at disability road shows, declaring that it is “happy to help”. It is my experience, however, that when it gets it wrong it does it in style.

For more on this "Click Here"

Red Cross in Fife Wheelchair Loan Depot

The British Red Cross in Fife.  

Wheelchair Loan Depot at St Andrews Community Hospital

The service is there to provide a short term loan to people who are returning home early from hospital, to enable people to stay at home during an illness or even to assist with mobility whilst on holiday.  They also provide temporary help to those waiting for long-term equipment from health or social services. 

Fife Council Comfort Break Scheme Public Toilets - Comfort Break Scheme in Fife
Places I have been to eat By Pauline Medd I was asked to be involved with the setting up of the disable toilet at muddy boots; they were not happy about the type of fittings that the UK had to offer and therefore sourced them from Germany through Spittals
Fife Shopmobility Fife Shopmobility - Shopmobility in Kirkcaldy, Shopmobility in Dunfermline, Shopmobility in Glenrothes
Scooters For Hire at Loch Leven Trail Scooters At Loch Leven
A free service Available 7 days a week at Loch Leven’s Larder

Shared space is a new design concept for town centre and high street developments, often delivered by means of a shared surface street design. In most cases the design involves removing the kerb that has traditionally separated areas for vehicles and pedestrians creating a shared surface street.
Pedestrians, motorists and cyclists need to make eye contact to establish who has priority. However this puts blind and partially sighted people at a serious disadvantage.

Blind and partially sighted people, particularly guide dog owners and long cane users are trained to use the kerb as a key navigation cue in the street environment. Its removal, without a proven effective, alternative feature, exposes blind and partially sighted people to greater risk, undermines their confidence, and so creates a barrier to their independent mobility. The kerb is also vital for children's safety when using roads. From an early age children are taught as part of the Green Cross Code to Stop, Look, and Listen at kerbs. If these kerbs are removed, how will children know where to stop?

SGU Walking on Air SGU Walking on Air is a Charity dedicated to making gliding available to the disabled, not just as an "experience" but on the same footing as able-bodied pilots.
Founded in 1998 we operate a modern two seater fibre-glass ASK21 glider, adapted to be entirely hand-controlled, from the Scottish Gliding Union's Portmoak Airfield near Scotlandwell in Fife, Scotland.
Lochore Meadows Country Park - Adaptive Equipment

Lochore Meadows County Park / Outdoor Education Centre

Adaptive Equipment

Lochore Meadows is a great place for everyone, whether able bodied or with disability.  The Park has a network of accessible paths for use by mobility scooters, power chairs and adaptive bikes.  These can be hired the Outdoor Education Centre,  where there is also an access dinghy for use on the loch.

Pauline Medd level access, dropped kerbs and toilets I was asked to write an article for the Scottish disability equality forum, I thought to myself, what could I write on and I thought, what’s close to disable people’s heart, it’s level access, dropped kerbs and toilets will you not all agree.
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