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Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the information and advice given is taken from reputable sources and passed to the public in good faith, no responsibility can be taken on the part of Disabilities Fife or its advisors for any error or omission. You should not act on any medical advice without first referring to your family doctor or consultant.

Employment and support allowance I have enclosed some information on the new Employment and support allowance

Concessionary travel - how to apply & who is entitled

Public Library Online is a website where, for free, you can read full text e-books online from publishers such as Bloomsbury,

Canongate and Arden.  There are no complicated downloads and you can access the books using your existing computer or internet enabled mobile phone in the library, at home or elsewhere.

"Click Here" for more details.

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Disabilities Fife needs your help to fund vital projects to help the disabled.

If you can help, please donate as shown below.

Any donation no matter how small is very welcome. Thank you.



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The Disabilities Fife`s latest Newsletter in know available

Disabilitie Fife Spring/Summer newsletter 2016 in pdf

Would you like to be more involved in making decisions and becoming actively involved in disability issues. Disabilities Fife needs more voices to raise awareness of the difficulties disabled people encounter.

Telephone our office for more information.

Would you like to become a member of the Disabilities Fife

for more information "Click Here"

And its "free"



Do you routinely help the person you care for get about, get in or out of bed or chair, or turn or position in bed?

You sometimes may have pain - in your back, neck, shoulders or elsewhere.

You may worry about hurting yourself or the person you care for.

To view the Flyer "Click Here"

Scooters For Hire
at Loch Leven (Loch Leven’s Larder)

This image link will take you to Scooters for hire at Loch Leven in PDf .  This image is of 2 people on scooters.

Myself Robert Hunter on my own scooter with my dog Jasper at the side of Loch Ore Meadows Country Park

Did you know that you can hire Mobility Scooters at LochOre Meadows Country Park so you can go around the park. As far as I am aware there are 2 scooters available to use though you are required to go through a short training course to make sure are able and safe to use one of their scooters and be given a card to prove that you have passed the course..

The Outdoor Centre 01592 583388 or the Resource Centre 01592 583343


The photo is of myself Robert Hunter on my own scooter with my dog Jasper at the side of LochOre Meadows Country Park

The DigitalFife website is: www.digitalfife.com were you can find on line learning courses which are free.

Do you need help in making your computer easier to use? Let's look at the many ways you can make your keyboard and mouse, Windows, the internet and your favourite applications suit you and your needs... "Click Here or on text above"

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The Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

helps you to make sure your telephone number is no longer available to organisations, including charities and voluntary organisations who may telephone you with offers and information you do not wish to receive.

"Click Here"


Save the Date!

Join our anti-stigma Walk a Mile event on Wednesday 29 March at 3.30pm.
Support Mental Health & Wellbeing
This will take place at Silverburn and Stratheden. All welcome. Further details to follow.

To view the poster "Click Here"


‘Keeping Safe’ Training Course in Fife
Exciting training opportunity for staff to support people with learning disability to keep safe and raise issues of concern

This half day training is run by Susan Gowland & Ciara Robertson, SLTs, who have been accredited by Talking Mats Ltd.


  • This project builds on work previously conducted with NHS Fife 6Dcards, Survivor Scotland, Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project and Talking Mats social enterprise.

  • Previous projects gave people with a learning disability time to explore and reflect on their lives in a supported structured manner.  This meant they talked about all aspects of their lives in terms of health and wellbeing.  Through this broad discussion issues of concern could be raised, listened to and appropriate help sought.

  • The Scottish Government has recognised this approach can enable health and social care practitioners to implement the recommendation of ‘Keys to Life’.  These cards ensure staff have a communication tool that will enable people with a learning disability to express and have ‘what matters most to them’ routinely considered by those providing services.

To view the Keeping Safe’ Training Course in Fife "Keeping Safe flier 2017 doc" "Click here" A Word Document.


Please find attached information about Keeping Safe training in 2017.  This training is FREE and open to anyone who has completed Talking Mats training and had experience of using Talking Mats in their work.

"Keeping Safe" is a really useful & evidence based resource for supporting people with learning disabilities to talk about their health and wellbeing, relationships and emotions.  All participants who attend this half day training will receive their own pack of Keeping Safe cards.

To apply for this training, please complete the attached form and return to Laura Turnbull: laura.turnbull2@nhs.net

If you have any questions about the training, please contact me or Ciara Robertson on 35494 (internal) or 01383 565 494.

If anyone you work with is interested in this resource but hasn't completed Talking Mats training, please contact myself, Ciara or Laura Turnbull for details of the Talking Mats training dates for this year.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Mrs Susan Gowland
Speech and Language Therapist
Lynebank Hospital
Halbeath Road
KY11 4UW


Edinburgh Trams have made their decision to allow Class 2 Mobility Scooters on the Trams from the 1st of August, after their successful trial this year.  Please feel free to share this information with your networks/contacts - http://edinburghtrams.com/news/mobility-scooters/ .  If you are on social media, we have been asked to use @EdinburghTrams and hashtag #TramAccess to spread the word.

Kind regards

Lisa Freeman
Strategy Liaison Officer



0131 524 5159


Talking Mats Workshops

Talking Mats make it easier for people to communicate about things that are important to them.

Talking Mats was designed by Speech and Language Therapists. They are really easy to use.

There is a 'Keeping Safe' Talking Mat.

It helps adults with learning disabilities to tell someone about things that are worrying them.

To view the Flyer that the above came off "Click Here"


Community Engagement with Police Scotland

I'd like to bring to your attention an exciting opportunity to help forge stronger links between Fife's voluntary sector and Police Scotland here in Fife. 
Police colleagues are keen to work closely with us to ensure the best support possible for our communities. 

Engagement meetings will take place every couple of months with a group of representatives to look at new developments, make improvements to communications and various aspects of local policing.

What is this?
An opportunity to join a group of voluntary sector representatives who will meet with local Police Scotland colleagues on a regular basis.  It will further improve understanding and support between voluntary organisations and the Police, but also the Police and our communities.

To view more "Click Here" the link opens a word document.


In addition to donating through this website, you may be interested to know that you can help Disabilities Fife to raise money through your using Easyfundraising.org.uk

I myself (Robert Hunter, this websites Administrator) have signed up with Easyfundraising.org.uk  and have started doing my online shopping through it. So far I have bought items from: Ebay, amazon and Asda’s, though the rewards back have been small but it is still a donation to Disabilities Fife and every bit counts. I hope you will do the same.

I have to date 22/14/2014, by buying items from Ebay, Amazon and Asda through Easyfundraising.org.uk I have earned Disabilities Fife £7.40 from these companies. It may not be a lot but it`s better than nothing and it coming from these companies as I buy from them.

Disabilities Fife has registered with Easyfundraising.org.uk to be able to receive your cash reward that you can turn into a donation for Disabilities Fife after you have bought something online through Easyfundraising.org.uk


Information on BLUE BADGES

•The Blue Badge is a national parking scheme administered by local authorities on behalf of the Scottish Government.


•The Blue Badge scheme was introduced in 1971 to help disabled people achieve more independence.

The above text and more are part of a MS PowerPoint presentation. The rest of it can be view in it`s origanal PowerPoint format or in MS Word

Blue Badges PowerPoint Document

Blue Badges MS Word Document

Link to download a MS Word Viewer

Link to download a MS Word Viewer

Link to download a MS PowerPoint Viewer

Link to download a MS PowerPoint Viewer




Fundraising Regulation in Scotland

Charity fundraising has been under a lot of public and media scrutiny. There is a feeling that something needs to change in terms of how charity fundraising is regulated. However, what the change might be has yet to be decided.

While change to regulation of charity fundraising could be a very good thing, we need to ensure that the changes work both for the public, and for charities themselves. And while a reboot of fundraising regulation might be an important step, so would a change in the culture of fundraising and an increase in transparency overall.

The review of fundraising in Scotland and the fundraising summit hosted by SCVO in November started a process of reflection and discussion around potential options for Scotland. Since the summit, the Scottish Fundraising Working Group has developed these three potential options for consultation.

Option 1: Here, fundraising regulation would follow the model defined in the Etherington Review. There would be a UK-wide regulator which would act as an intermediary, taking the role previously done by the Fundraising Standards Board (which is being disbanded). Fundraising in Scotland would become part of this UK-wide structure.

Option 2: In model two, the system would look similar to the UK model. However, an independent Scottish Fundraising Regulator would be created which would play the regulatory role.

Option 3: This option would look very different. There would be no new regulator. regulation would rely on a strengthening of complaints procedures within charities themselves, and an enhanced role for OSCR.

The working group now wants to hear views from others and a consultation has been launched. The group is looking for as many people as possible to get involved. You can fill in the survey or send a longer response to research@scvo.org.uk. The background document giving more details on the options can be found on the survey site using the link above.

And so, it is over to you. the consultation is open until the 31st of March this year. If you have a moment, please let the working group know what you think.

Jude Turbyne

Head of Engagement, OSCR
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